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2nd option results in sex. Basically its a short adventure game but the wrong choices result in a game over. Found the game, its called Cassie's Journey.

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Journey Cassies

Is it ok for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Column 4 Our impact report: How Tech is Changing Childhood. The Good Witch's Wonder. Hentai games full ongoing tale promotes Cassies Journey, forgiveness.

Hallmark Channel Juorney T - English - Friendship - Cassies Journey Champions of Fluff by HeartlessKitty reviews Just a collection of fluffy little drabbles about some of my weird Paladins shippings. Hell, if you guys Cassifs me, I'll make something for your fav.

Remember that while these stories shall be mostly fluff, they will still sometimes have some sexual Cassies Journey.

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I'll be sure to put a Cassies Journey at the beginning of each chapter lesbian pussy games even the closest hints of smut. Is it a dream or reality by Farina Oc reviews Emily is a young woman who moved to a new Cassies Journey. At one night, in her dreams she met three people that she never seen before. Confused, scared and clueless she was.

Sep 21, - Cassie's Journey - Crowjob in Space Station 3 - God of Sex - Version - High Quality Service - Jazz Festival - Mario is Missing - Version

Every night she would meet a new person from woman to man. Is there any connection between reality and dreams? Is it possible to feel pain in a dream?

Is it even real? The Champions of the Realm by Lance Carcer reviews All the Paladins you know and love in a hopefully long running story narrated by my favorite characters. The Mansion by Januszym reviews Cassie is Cassies Journey aspiring Huntress of the Nightbane Order, getting rid of dangerous beasts and people for a living.

One day, she gets a task of finding out what happened to one of the senior Huntresses while she investigated the case of people missing around a long abandoned Mansion. It'll quickly turn to not be as easy as she thought. Mal'damba, witchdoctor, the snake whisperer, and healing. X3 I'm a Cassies Journey fetish sex games of internal shots.

Especially the slave lord sex game demonstrated here: UNC2 on November 13,1: Uushie on November 5,Cassies Journey You probably realized this but there were Cassies Journey decent amount of spelling and grammer errors. The writing seemed like it was done a little too fast and it would be nice to see a little more writing in the future. Generally more like the erotic dating sims and add Cassies Journey scenes while having writing instead of just showing a person getting fucked.

Journey Cassies

I really don't know why but people enjoy hearing or reading moaning based on my research of dating games. It was Cassies Journey erotic despite the scenes of sex being a little too short. I Jounrey understand that animation takes a long time and I know it's a pain but Jourey think you'll definitely take your creative work play sex games a few notches if you did so.

As for mythological creatures that might be fun Cassies Journey use: I'm really Cassies Journey blabbing ideas. Siren - I know they are human but they are interesting because of what they do. Their songs in general. Fenrir- A wolf monster for those who are into bestiality. Sleepnir- The 6 Cassiies horse 6 legs and maybe 2 cocks? Medusa - So that's what her hair could do maybe Anyways, if erotic mobile games want help with Cassies Journey, just contect me.

Good game and thanks for making it. Most of the flashes on here are Cassies Journey that great but yours stuck out! Uushie on November 6,1: Nah, it's kinda fan service if you do it that way. I 3d lesbian porn games help, but I'm not sure if I would be the best candidate to choose.

TakeruDavis on November 4,4: My favorite Cassies Journey is in Harpy's nest, when she is stuck there she can only keep laying eggs or Caassies I see Jokrney erotic in human females laying eggs: Slaven on November 4,6: My favorite part was the Ass fuck scene with the Minotaur Wish there was a bit more to that scene though. Cassies Journey like it, but nothing happens when you click on the "More myth Complex". Should that lead to somewhere? TheAngryChineseGuy on Jpurney 1,3: I really liked the multiple endings in this game.

Journey Cassies

adult simulation games Made me reminisce about those old books where you pick which page you want to go to depending on your choice, except there is sex in Cassies Journey version. Joe on November Cassies Journey, Very awesome, we definitely need another game, please: Keeszoon7 on October 31,2: The maze; can you even get through?

Hean on October 31, Very nice work and fun to complete: All scenes there is to get. Doesn't matter Cassies Journey you choose you'll get fucked. Either choose bridge or shelter. If you choosed bridge: You can choose to stay and keep getting filled with eggs, or choose the other two options and Cassies Journey.

Journey Cassies

If you choosed shelter: Seduce him for sex, talk for skip. I havn't bothered figuring out the maze, but Cassies Journey you meet the minotaur, run away if you want sexual death or fight if you want instant death.

I will do what is necessary, what is right and what is within my power to assist in the execution of sexual fantasies for our participant s II, which opens with Cassie's initiation into this mysterious organization, one that helps women experience their mo "I, Cassie Animated porno games, solemnly swear to Cssies Cassies Journey.

II, which opens with Cassie's initiation into this mysterious organization, one that helps women experience their most potent sexual fantasies. Cassie spends the next year as a "S. Cassies Journey a false start with midna adult first potential inductee, Cassie makes Jlurney acquaintance of Dauphine Gray, Cassies Journey year old who works at the Funky Monkey vintage clothing store on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Geeky, gawky and Cassies Journey distracted, Dauphine has no idea how attractive she really is because her face is forever in a book.

Journey Cassies

Reading is her Cassies Journey, music is her pleasure, and Dauphine's all but given up on sex, especially after a painful rejection that still haunts her. Then Cassie and the women from S. Meanwhile, Cassie must work through her resentment over losing Will to Tracina and their future baby. Cassies Journey

Journey Cassies

But when paternity questions surface, Tracina threatens to expose Cassie's S. Will Tracina expose Cassie to Will, and if she does, what will he make of his secret love's S. Paperbackpages. Published October 15th by Broadway Books Cassies Journey published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this Cassies Journey, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about S. Sharedplease sign up.

Aug 30, - Cassie's Journey – Crowjob in Space Station 3 – God of Sex – Version – High Quality Service – Jazz Festival – Mario is Missing – Version.

Lists with This Book. Mar 12, Lisa marked it as to-read. I can't wait to read the 2nd book. I hope it starts off where Cassies Journey left off. Estos son Cassie y Cassies Journey. Por lo que me ha resultado algo curioso Cassies Journey agradable de leer. Es sencilla y kill la kill hentai zone. Pero la idea de S.

Es una Jourjey atrevida y que deja con buen sabor de boca. En ese aspecto cojea bastante. Personalmente Secretos compartidos ni me ha gustado ni me ha disgustado. Sep 16, Amber Rose rated it it was ok Shelves: I am going to keep this short and simple.

This book was okay!

Journey Cassies

Nothing that speical about it. I Cassies Journey enjoy the last Cassies Journey but I would have wanted it to be a standalone instead of a series. From the beginning I really didn't understand why their had to be 2 POV.

See a Problem?

We get Cassie which I understand since she was in the last book. But then their Cassies Journey to be Dauphine's POV added onto the mix. It didn't mix well to Cassies Journey. I hate getting flash backs in books. Holombo - Solo 2 when you are in the second book and the I am going to keep this short and simple. Journet when you are in the second book and the character is explaining everything that happened in the first book to me.

That is how I feel about back flashes.

Cassie Jaye’s Red Pill – Antelope Games

Do not tell me what I have already read before. I get trying to give the reader a little detail so that way Boing will spark up their memory but it was too much for me.

I can handle a little a back Joutney but when Cassies Journey start feeling okay am I in the past or present, then it starts to Cassies Journey a problem for me. I found the characters lacking especially Cassie from the last book.

This was Csssies an okay book but nothing special to me. Copy provided by the publisher for exchanged for an honest review. View all 4 comments. Book two in the Secret series. This book Cassies Journey gold. If you don't want to read a gushing review just go get it and read it NOW! While I've come Cassies Journey books with similar intentions, they haven't been ground breaking reads but with Adeline it works!

There is no fluff about the Cassies Journey of men t Book two in the Secret series. There is Cassies Journey fluff about Cassies Journey power of men to make a woman into a real woman.

Instead it is about ten steps see end of review that help succubus adult game rediscover and believe in the power of themselves. Note that I said RE-discover, because it's not that women never had belief in themselves, it's that somehow, something convinced them that they were unworthy and powerless. Cassie is currently struggling with life after SECRET and the fact that the man she loves is having a baby with another woman.

Through an accidental Cassie she meets Dauphine who has never been able to come back from her cheating boyfriend and best friend. I'm not surprised because her boyfriend sounds like a self absorbed prick and her best friend a lying selfish cow, Cassies Journey better off without them. Jkurney hard part is the fact that idiot boyfriend becomes famous and using Dauphine as fodder in Cassies Journey book, causing her to hyper analyse herself.

Dauphine is then on a roller coaster ride of self-discovery and sexual adventures. The Casskes feels so real, the emotion is almost tangible. I admit Cassues being a little jealous that imaginary Dauphine gets all of these wonderful experiences! Cassiew

S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared

She of course is much stronger than she believes and makes a wonderful discovery in her final step. Cassie, Caswies being the graduate, is Cassies Journey. She has no Cassies Journey how to handle her situation and it doesn't help that she works for the guy. After a brief fling she tries her hand at recruiting and requests the return of a previous man from her ten steps stepman?


It's refreshing to see that Adeline is not going to push twee happy endings. How Cassie's life continues you'll have Cassies Journey read to find out but I am definitely anxious for the next book!!! What I loved most about SECRET shared is that Adeline keeps this strength of discovery and rediscovery in woman's hands and while the steps are often achieved Cassies Journey men it is not the presence Cassies Journey the man that Cassies Journey the woman's transformation.

Adeline is all about power to the women as you can see in one of my favourite quotes in the book: Not when she is describing her own Strip poker with Jasmine behaviour and especially if she's describing another woman's. It's the kind of word that can scar, Cassie That word has been Cassies Journey as a weapon against women all around the world, since the beginning of time, to keep us feeling unworthy and separate.

It's not just a fiction novel that makes you feel happy it relates to real life issues like female struggles and empowerment, it's not just a fantasy situation in SECRET but how it affects a woman's view of herself in reality.

Oct 28, Sarah rated it liked it. Shared is the sequel to S. While this book can be read as a stand alone and the author does 3d sexy games great job at filling in the blanks, I believe reading the first one will only enhance the readers experience.

Each woman is asked to complete ten steps or Cassies Journey sexual fantasies, after each step they are awarded a charm with S. Each woman is asked to complete ten steps or ten sexual fantasies, after each step Cassies Journey are awarded a charm with the name of each step engraved on the back: These steps either portray something the woman needs to Cassies Journey how to do or something they need to learn about themselves.

Dauphine is their newest member and in my opinion, is much more likable than Cassie. In her first S. The Cassies Journey scenes in this book were plentiful and they were HOT!

I enjoyed going through the journey with Dauphine as she tried to find herself, and along the Cassies Journey she found a smoking hot man that wanted Czssies desperately. She found great sex, self-esteem and love!

Journey Cassies

Cassie on the other hand found her voice, finally, but she also found heartbreak. Aug 26, Wendy rated it it Cassies Journey amazing Shelves: Cassie Quickie mai is initiated into S. Juorney

Journey Cassies

Cassie spends the next year assisting committee members in recruiting men and helping to fulfill a new Cassies Journey fantasies. Dauphine Mason is recruited by Cassie and the story switches back and forth between Dauphine as she completes each step in her S. Cassie's and Dauphine's hot desires of pleasure, release and love were a delight to read. I devoured this book of unforgettably breathtaking sensual fantasies and can hardly wait to see where L. Marie takes us next.

Can I rate a book negative Cassies Journey because it didn't end how I wanted it to? That's a really free sex games no cc thing to do? Cassies Journey read the first book months and months ago, Cassies Journey the story somehow stayed with me.

Journey Cassies

A chance for Cassie and Wil Cassies Journey. A chance for Cassie and Cassies Journey Maybe Tracina won't really be pregnant! I kinda guessed that last part As soon as Caruthers sp? Getting back together with Jesse kinda hot. I liked that she was still finding Cassise way in this book though - SECRET did some good sex mmo games her, but it wasn't a fix-all-do-all potion, so there was still a learning curve.

Journey Cassies

I love him, I hate him, Cassies Journey love What kind of guy finds out about a group like Cassies Journey and has the idea of moral authority to judge other people? And to not even listen to Cassie?

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