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Horse Coloring Pages

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Coloring a horse¬†delights all age groups and gender, especially girls love to color horse and unicorns. Horse have been domesticated 5000 years ago, still horses play a major role in happiness for some people. Horse have been domesticated for transport, farm work and for race. Horses have lot of sub-species… Read more »

Tiger coloring pages

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Tigers are the biggest species in cat family. These majestic and carnivorous animals love to freely roam in forest and hunt for their prey, rather spending time in zoo. Some subspecies of tigers: Sumatran Tiger Siberian Tiger Bengal Tiger South China Tiger Malayan Tiger Indochinese Tiger Though tigers are dangerous,… Read more »

Top Animal Coloring Pages

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Mostly everyone of us had a great time playing with pets in our childhood ( hope your parents were pet lovers too). Researches have stated that kids who played with pets in their childhood had less respiratory disease. Okay its apart from our topic,¬†we all know kids love to play… Read more »

Monkey Coloring pages

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monkey coloring pages

Monkeys are cute little animals which our kids love to color . These animal are similar to us in anatomy. Now they can be seen at the circus, the zoo or as pets in some rare places and freely roaming in forests. The monkeys like to eat bananas, nuts, and… Read more »