Camel Coloring Pages

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Camel is a domestic mammal that native to the Asian countries, especially Israel territory and adored for its carrying ability. Though nowadays, camels are described as domestic animals yet, a few species, found in North America are regarded as the wild mammal of the jungle. In modern times, you can find their different spices in Australia, India, and Kazakhstan countries in huge numbers. Camel has a unique look with four long legs, one tail and a huge hump on its back.



Camel is the best rider for desert and contains a unique quality of storing water in their torso for some days. Because of their even-toes, they could run swiftly on sand without slipping or losing balance. That’s why they couldn’t get thirsty easily while walking or running over scorching desert atmosphere. Although most of the desert camels are domestic by nature, a few still left in Gobi desert, which lives their lives in a wild way.

According to the myths, the camel was a common domestic animal of ancient Arabian and African lives. We can even find its proof in the famous Arabian-legend Aladdin tales. As per the Indian historical narrations, camels were used as an entertaining part of the region of Mughal Emperor Akbar. People used to run and fight the riders of camels in a game named ‘Kettledrums’.

Camel Coloring pages and Cliparts

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