Buffalo Coloring Pages

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Buffalo is a huge domestic animal which is also known as water buffalo and native to the Asian countries. This huge mammal belongs to the Bovidae family which firstly detected in South Asian regions along with China and gradually extended over other Asian as well as European countries including Australia and Africa. They may look weird with their huge torso but, basically, buffalos stay calm, never harm humans, and love to spend their day in the water, that’s why they mostly called ‘water buffalo’.

They now exist in two different types of species among them earliest one was initially found in the country India, about 5000 years ago. Buffalos are very helpful for farming deeds and hugely regarded because of their milk producing ability. Female buffalos produce a huge quantity of milk and do various beneficial works to maintain perfect ecological balance properly.

Buffalos play an important role in the auspicious rituals of humans in some native Asian countries. According to the legends, Buffalo was immolated in front of some Gods or Goddesses in the sake of begging their blessings, especially before the war. As per the mythology of the religion Hindu, Buffalo is described as the vahana or vehicle of the Yama, the god of death.

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