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Beaver is one kind of semi-aquatic rodent which native to the American countries and now extending to two types of species. They are second largest rodent animal which is skilled in creating damp canals and lodges for habitat. They have some nature-friendly habits which make them a crucial part of the ecological balance. Beavers are bred and killed for their fur and useful glands which are hugely used in the medicinal field.

Beavers belong to the Castoride family and hugely appreciated for their industrial skills. They are expert to build their own dwelling and mostly live in a tribe, which always act friendly to their own clans. This small torso-owner beaver seems like a large squirrel or rabbit with brownish fury texture containing two large teeth at the front of their face and a pointy nose. This resembles provides them even more cute look and make them a matter of curiosity for most of the kids.

After watching the immense popularity of beavers among children, several kids-based movies, animated series and story books start including beaver as one of their important story characters. The famous show The Angry Beavers or the lovely characters of Mr. and Mrs. Beavers in the legendary movie The Chronicles of Narnia are just perfect the instances of that.


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