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Goat is one of the commonest domestic animals that belong to Bovidae family(w) and closely related to the subfamily of sheep. According to the archeological methods, they are probably the most primitive domestic animals of human society. Goats are existing in almost 300 different breeds and right now rise in all develop or undeveloped countries because of their huge functionalities(l).


They were mostly raised(2) for a good source of milk(1) at the ancient times, and then gradually recommended as a good source of meat, bones, hair, and sinew. Goat is one of the safest domestic animals which is adored by the most of the children and appreciated by their unique braying process(3). Most probably we all have one or two mild memories of feeding leaves to this friendly animal in our childhood, if we had a chance to meet them closely, isn’t it?

Even mythology has a small portion dedicated to this mediocre domestic animal to narrate their braver task in Norse legends. According to that myth, two goats were the puller of the auspicious chariot of thunder God Thor during His adventures. Even Greek Hero Hercules also entertained by this friendly animal, as depending to the Greek legends, a goat was the teacher of Hercules during his training session to become a Hero!

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