Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

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The hippopotamus is a huge, bulky animal that is native to the Sub-Saharan Africa(a) and belongs to the Anthracortheroidea species(n2). They are herbivorous mammals(m) with dangerously antagonistic nature(a) while feeling a threat from something or someone. They love to submerge their body under water(n) and considered as one of the largest mammals of ancient times(i). According to the archeological documents, the first sign of this huge animal was detected before approximately 60 million years ago.

Hippopotamus Pictures

Hippopotamus comes with a barrel shape along with wide-opening mouth, huge canine tusks, furless torso, four columnar legs and a tiny tale. Hippopotamus always comes in swarms and could run with 30 km/h speed(k) in their hurry. Even in zoos, when we see them, we always find that more than 2-3 hippopotamus always stuck together doing their daily deeds.

They are vegetarian mammals, who never spread their territory on lands and exist in five different subspecies depending on their living territories.

According to the myths, hippopotamus was the symbolic animal of fertility and death in ancient Egypt. Also, some historical studies show that this huge mammal was worshiped as the protector of household goods and children. Some archeologists have shown proves that in prehistoric times, the hippo was the protector of a child along with the mother during its birth time. Depending on those same methods, it is told that hippo was found by the great Egyptian God Horus for the very first time.

Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

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Cute Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

Funny Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

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Cute Hippopotamus Coloring Pages

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