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Bear is that wild carnivore mammal that belongs to the Ursidae family and mostly native to the European countries along with a few Asian regions. This huge animal comes with the large torso, stocky legs, lengthy proboscis, rounded ears, heavy paws with five non-retractile claws, a short tail and extremely furry or hairy texture. They are divided into 66 different species[W] and live with different types of diets according to their species. Scroll down for more info on bears..

Bear Coloring Pages


Bears are actually a very aggressive animal and could prove lethal while in anger, but they most of the time stay calm and keep themselves involved in various wild activities. Bears are good at swimming, climbing, running, and hunting functions. They are very fond of honey, though a few species could feed on only bamboos too apart from some tangy fruits.

These mammals are nocturnal animals that’s why in myths, they were described as the keeper of dreams to the children. Bears present them as a hibernating creatures (D1)during winter and hold a sharp ability to smell from long distance!

Though bears are not safe for human and people often get attacked by this doglike carnivore yet, kids assume them as a friendly animal all the time. The famous character ‘Baloo’ (D2)from the animated series Jungle Book probably make this assumption more subterranean for kids.

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